NARS is actively monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and the recommendations of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and other government agencies. The situation continues to evolve, thus a NARS task force is meeting regularly on this topic. Together, they are making the important decisions that will drive how we care for our employees and how we will ensure uninterrupted service in the face of these new challenges. They are also closely monitoring any directives from state and federal governments regarding claims handling to ensure we make thoughtful recommendations to our clients. This site will reflect the latest information regarding NARS’ business continuity, as well as relevant articles and links to industry resources.

Business Continuity

The adjudication of daily claims remains unaffected and we are prepared for an influx of losses arising from COVID-19. NARS has taken the following measures to ensure our business continuity:

  • Remote Workstations: Employees are equipped to work from home. Through the use of Amazon Workspace, a “Desktop-as-a-Service” solution, personnel can access their desktop applications and files securely from home. It provides full office functionality so nothing has changed, including phone number extensions.
  • Operations: Due to the nature of their duties, our Accounting, Mailroom and Claim Intake units are reporting to our headquarters for work. In addition to staggered schedules (50% of employees at the office at any given time), many have been moved in order to comply with suggested social distancing protocols.
  • Office Maintenance: We have enhanced our cleaning protocols and our headquarters is thoroughly disinfected daily. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are readily available in multiple areas. In an abundance of caution, we have installed new HEPA filters in every office to maximize air quality.
  • Service Partnerships: We are collaborating with our vendor partners regarding their COVID-19 preparedness and response. We are providing our assistance in formulating adequate processes to help them navigate the impact of COVID-19 on our industry.
  • Education: We continue to educate our employees on COVID-19 symptoms and healthy safety practices to reduce the possibility of infection. Our HR Department has notified employees of all applicable benefits in our company healthcare plan. Employees that are feeling ill or have a fever must stay home.
  • Office Closures: Our headquarters is open to limited staff as mentioned above. All regional offices are closed until further notice.

Industry Articles 

We have highlighted articles that show the impact of COVID-19 on the insurance industry.

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